Past Events

Prof. Hager to give a NSF-CBMS Lecture Series

We are pleased to announce that Prof. William Hager has been selected as one of the seven distinguished lecturers for the 2018 NSF-CBMS Conference Series. He will deliver a series of 10 lectures on “Computational Methods in Optimal Control”  July 23–27 at Jackson State University and prepare an expository monograph based on the lectures. Travel support to the conference is available.

SEALS 2018

The SouthEastern Logic Symposium 2018 will take place during the weekend of March 2-4, 2018 at the University of Florida, Gainesville.  Please see the conference web page for details.

Open Positions

The Department is very pleased to announce searches for four tenure-track Assistant Professor positions and four Lecturer positions to be filled in 2018.

Assistant Professor

The Assistant Professor positions are open to all areas in Mathematics and begin in August 2018. These positions are part of an exciting university wide initiative to further our status as one of the very best research universities in the nation.  Over the past three years 115 faculty were hired as part of UF’s designation as a preeminent university by the Florida Legislature. The university plans to add 500 faculty over the next few years to enhance teaching and research. The successful candidate will join a vibrant research department with representation across a full range of pure and applied mathematics.​

Positions are posted at MathJobs.Org:

Official applications must be submitted on-line at


The Lecturer positions are part of an initiative to modernize and improve lower-division instruction. These non-tenure-track renewable positions can begin as  early as January, 2018. Candidates must have substantial interest in STEM education reform; in particular; the department seeks to attract individuals with experience in active learning environments such as flipped classrooms.  Lecturers play a vital role in our dynamic instructional enterprise by bringing subject expertise and commitment to excellence in teaching to bear in educating our exceptional undergraduates.

Positions are posted on Mathjobs:

Official applications must be submitted on-line at

Math major Diego Rojas wins first place

Mathematics major and UF McNair Scholar Diego Rojas was awarded first place in the Physical Science category (and $500) for his talk on “Computability, randomness, and differentiability of random continuous functions”, presented at the SAEOPP McNair Scholars Conference in Atlanta, GA, June 23, 2016. Rojas is mentored by Professor Douglas Cenzer.

Prof. Knudson wins two awards

We are proud to announce that Prof. Knudson has been inducted into the University of Florida Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars. Each year the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars (ADTS) honors University of Florida’s exceptional teaching and scholarship accomplishments by inducting into its membership faculty members who have demonstrated sustained innovation and commitment in both areas.  In addition, Kevin was named the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher of the Year for 2015-2016. He is also a regular columnist for The Conversation.

The Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is an annual national contest for college students established in 1938 and administered by the Mathematical Association of America. Congratulations to the UF Putnam team of Jon Claus, Colin Defant, and Kyle Gettig who finished 23rd in this year’s competition.

Special Lectures

The Eleventh Ramanujan Colloquium entitled Encounters with Ramanujan was given by Professor Peter D.T.A. Elliott of the University of Colorado, Boulder on March 20, 2017. Professor Jeffrey Remmel of the University of California, San Diego presented the Seventeenth Erdos Colloquium,  The Combinatorics of Rational Parking Functions and the Shuffle Conjecture, on April 3, 2017 as well as the Dongxing Wong Lecture on STEM Education, A DNR Approach to Training Middle and High School Teachers Math and Science, on April 5, 2017.

Lecturer Search

As part of an initiative to modernize and improve lower-division instruction, applications are invited for two non-tenure-track, nine-month, lecturer positions to begin fall semester 2017. Candidates must have a serious interest and expertise in STEM education reform with a particular focus on College Algebra and Quantitative Reasoning curricula. The individuals who fill these positions will be tasked with updating existing courses in these areas and implementing innovative teaching practices in a variety of formats, including coordinated large lecture, flipped classrooms, and online instruction. This represents a unique and exciting opportunity to engage in a real reform effort as the successful candidates will be asked to exercise creativity in writing new syllabuses and developing metrics to measure their success.

Applications must be submitted through Careers at

The 2016 Gainesville International Number Theory Conference

The International Conference on Number Theory held here March 17-21, 2016, honored Krishnaswami Alladi on his 60th birthday. The conference attracted more that 150 leading experts from around the world and was funded by the NSF, the NSA, the Number Theory Foundation, Penn State University, as well as by the UF Office of Research, CLAS, and the Mathematics Department.

The conference opening lecture was given by Fields Medallist Manjul Bhargava of Princeton University.  The conference also featured the Erdős Colloquium by Professor Hugh Montgomery of the University of Michigan and the Ramanujan Colloquium by Professor James Maynard of Oxford University.

For more information see the conference brief report and web page.

SEALS 2017

The SouthEastern Logic Symposium 2017 will take place during the weekend of March 3-5, 2017 at the University of Florida, Gainesville.  Please see the conference web page for details.

FSU/UF Joint Topology and Dynamics Meeting

The next in the series of FSU/UF Joint Topology and Dynamics Meetings will take place on Friday, February 24  and 25 at the University of Florida, Gainesville. The conference will begin with a colloquium by Washington Mio of FSU. Please see the conference program for details.

Spring Celebration

Our annual Spring Celebration (formally the Spring Recognition Tea) was held on Thursday, April 21, 2016. Highlights included the recognition of Stephen Summers and Donna McCracken on their retirement and Connie Doby for her 15 years of service. Please see the program for more details.

The 2016 Gainesville International Number Theory Conference

A five day conference will be held March 17 – 21, 2016 at the University of Florida, Gainesville, featuring analytic number theory, algebraic number theory, and the theory of partitions, q-series and modular forms. This conference is in honor of the 60th birthday of our colleague Krishna Alladi. Please see the conference web page for more information.

Ramanujan and Erdős Colloquium

We are pleased to announce that the tenth Ramanujan Colloquium entitled “Linear equations in primes” will be given by James Maynard of Oxford University on Thursday, March 17, 2016, at 5:10pm in Pugh 170. The sixteenth Erdős Colloquium entitled “Littlewood polynomials” will be presented by Hugh Montgomery of the University of Michigan on Friday, March 18, 2016, 4:00 – 5:00pm in the Straughn Center. Both lectures are part of the 2016 Gainesville International Number Theory Conference.

SEALS 2016

The South-Eastern Logic Colloquium 2016 will take place during the weekend of February 27/28, 2016, at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. We will also have a colloquium talk on Friday, February 26 at 4pm by George Barmpalias. Please see the conference web page for more information.


Assistant Professor

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the area of Mathematical Biology to begin in August 2016. Candidates in all areas of mathematical biology will be considered. Expertise in numerical analysis and/or stochastic processes is of particular interest. The successful candidate will join a vibrant mathematical biology group, whose members collaborate with many units on campus. All candidates should apply through the UF Jobs website.

Postdoctoral Positions

The Department of Mathematics invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Associate position, beginning August 16, in the area of computational methods in medical imaging and machine learning, jointly supported by Zhejiang University, China and the University of Florida. Candidates for this position should send an email with a CV, a list of three references, and a letter outlining their research interests  to Professor Yunmei Chen  (

Lecturer Positions

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida invites applications for one or more lecturers beginning August 16.   Duties includes teaching and coordinating a large lecture course, supervising graduate assistants and managing on-line aspects of instruction.  All candidates for this position should apply through the UF Jobs website.

Siam Fellow

Professor William Hager of the Department of Mathematics has been named a 2015 SIAM Fellow by the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics for contributions to optimal control, optimization theory, and numerical optimization algorithms. The SIAM Fellows Program was created in 2008 to designate certain members of SIAM who have made outstanding contributions to the discipline.

2015 Spring Awards Celebration

The 2015 Spring Awards Celebration was held on April 23 in the Atrium. Prof. Rick Smith was honored for his years of service as Associate Chair and a reluctant goodbye was said to Prof. Bernard Mair who is leaving to become Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Howard University. Other highlights included inductions into Pi Mu Epsilon and Phi Beta Kappa, the presentation of graduate teaching awards, and the announcement of the winners of this year’s endowed scholarships. The 2015 program contains all the details.

Ramanujan Colloquium 2015

The ninth Ramanujan Colloquium entitled “Goldbach – Descartes to Ramanujan, Hardy, Littlewood and Beyond” will be given by Robert Vaughan (FRS) of Pennsylvania State University on Monday, April 6, 2015, 4:00 – 5:00pm, in Turlington Hall, Room L101.

Ulam Colloquium 2015

Jun Cheng Wei, a Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia, will give the seventh Ulam Colloquium, Friday, March 20, 4:05-4:55 pm in LIT 121. The lecture is on “Recent Progress on the De Giorgi Conjecture”.

Erdős Colloquium 2015

The fifteenth Erdős Colloquium will be presented by János Pintz from MTA Rényi Institute, Budapest, Hungary, 4:00 – 5:00pm, Monday, March 16, 2015 in Matherly Halls, Room 018. His title is “On Some Old Conjectures of Paul Erdős on the Difference of Consecutive Primes”.

Southeastern Logic Symposium (SEALS 2015)

The Department is hosting the Southeastern Logic Symposium (SEALS 2015) here on February 28/March 1,2015.  Details, including the list oconfirmed speakers with titles and abstracts, may be found on the conference website:  SEALS 2015


Visit by Howard Gobstein

Howard Gobstein, Executive Vice President of the APLU (Association of Public and Land Grant Universities) and co-director of the APLU Science & Mathematics Teacher Imperative, will give two talks on reform of STEM Education. The 2014 Dongxing Wang Math Education Lecture entitled,  “Mathematics Education is about to be transformed. Will Math Departments play a role?”, will be on Monday, November 17, at 4:05 in Little Hall, room 109. Refreshments in the Little Hall Atrium, room 339, will precede the talk at 3:30. The second talk, “STEM education reform. A public research university imperative!” , will be in the new Visualization Room MSL 136 of the Marston Science Library at 1:55 on Tuesday, November 18, with refreshments at 1:30 in MSL 136.

Gobstein is former Vice President of the AAU (Association for American Universities). His University positions include: Associate VP for governmental affairs for federal relations, Michigan State University, and Director, Federal Relations/Research, University of Michigan.

SIAM Best Student Paper Presentation

Tulsi Srinivasan won an award for the best student paper presentation at 38th Annual SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference at Florida Institute of Technology March 29-30 2014.

Bijective and Algebraic Combinatorics Conference

We will be hosting a conference called “Bijective and Algebraic Combinatorics” in honor of Bruce Sagan’s 60th birthday at the University of Florida on March 24 & 25, 2014. All are welcome. The deadlines for registration, financial support applications, and contributed talks are all February 3. Further details, the list of confirmed speakers, and the registration form can be found on the conference website.

The Third SIAM Gators Student Conference

The student chapter of SIAM  (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) at the University of Florida will host the third SIAM Gators student conference on March 27–29, 2014. The conference will focus on the following three areas:

  • Numerical Optimization and Applications
  • Mathematical Algorithms in Imaging
  • Mathematical Biology and Modelling

Postdoctoral Associate Position

Chris Porter has accepted the position of Postdoctoral Associate beginning in August 2014. Chris earned his Ph.D. in 2012 from Notre Dame and currently holds an NSF International Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Paris Diderot (Paris VII).

Neil White In Memoriam

We are sorry to report that Emeritus Professor Neil White passed away on Monday August 11. Dr. White earned his Ph.D. under the supervision of Gian-Carlo Rota at Harvard University in 1972. He was a prolific and highly respected researcher in the area of combinatorics. Neil will be greatly missed. A celebration of his life will be held at the Florida Museum of Natural History on Sunday, September 7, at 3PM  (Story in the Gainedville SunObituary from the Gainesville Sun).

The Mathematics Department is establishing the Neil White Excellence in Teaching Award in honor of Neil’s outstanding record of teaching and mentoring students at the University of Florida. Contributions to help fund this award, payable to “UF Foundation” may be sent to CLAS Development, PO Box 117300, Gainesville, FL 32611. Online gifts can also be made at UF Mathematics Department. Please add “Neil White” to the Memorial/Honorary Information.

Technology Innovator Award

William Hager (Mathematics) and Timothy Davis (Computer Science) have been awarded a Technology Innovator Award by the University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing. In a series of papers they  developed optimal algorithms for determining how the sparsity pattern of the Cholesky factorization of a symmetric, positive definite matrix changes after a small rank sparse change in the matrix. These algorithms have a wide range of applications including circuit analysis, fracture mechanics, and the propagation of lightning.  The algorithms are implemented in the software package CHOLMOD, which is marketed through the UF Office of Technology Licensing and has already been licensed by  two companies.

Erdos Colloquium 2014

The 2014 Erdos Colloquium entitled “New Directions in Graph Theory” will be delivered by Fan Chung Graham, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Engineering at the University of California — San Diego on Monday, April 21 at 4:05 pm in Little Hall, room101. Refreshments will proceed the talk in Little Hall Atrium, room 339

Ramanujan Colloquium 2014

The 2014 Ramanujan Colloquium entitled “Andrews, Ramanujan, and Computer Algebra” will be delivered by Professor Peter Paule, Director of the Research Institute on Symbolic Computation, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria on Monday, March 17 at 4:05 pm in the Little Hall Atrium.

Ulam Colloquium 2014

The 16th annual Ulam Colloquium entitled “The Shape of Data” will be given on Monday, February 24 at 4:05 PM by Gunnar Carlsson of Stanford University in Little 101. See the poster for more information.

Spring Awards Gala 2014

Bijective and Algebraic Combinatorics Conference

We will be hosting a conference called “Bijective and Algebraic Combinatorics” in honor of Bruce Sagan’s 60th birthday at the University of Florida on March 24 & 25, 2014. All are welcome. The deadlines for registration, financial support applications, and contributed talks are all February 3. Further details, the list of confirmed speakers, and the registration form can be found on the conference website.

The Third SIAM Gators Student Conference

 Ramanujan 125 Conference, November 5-7, 2012