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Information about the mathematics major can be found by following the links in the column to the left in the section titled “The Major.” The official record for undergraduate studies at the University of Florida is the Undergraduate Catalog and many of these links will direct you to the appropriate section of the catalog.
For items not addressed in the catalog or difficulty in interpreting the catalog you can consult either a Math Advisor or the Math Undergraduate Coordinator. We have tried to include some practical advice and answer most general advising questions for the math major and the prospective math major.
Questions concerning University or College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements should be taken to the CLAS Advising Office in Farrior Hall.
Students who are thinking of applying to UF or transferring into UF should first visit the Admissions Office.
Each major is in the process of designing an upper division honors program.The Mathematics Department will soon be offering two upper division honors courses each semester with the goal of providing the participants a variety of research experiences in mathematics.
Many mathematics courses can be taken at other institutions and transferred into UF. To do this course equivalency must be determined by the Undergraduate Coordinator. However a mathematics major must take the mathematics core; Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra and the Advanced Calculus sequence at UF. The core defines the mathematics major experience at UF. Even if the student has taken a core course with the same SNS number at another Florida institution, a core course must be taken again at UF.
A transient student is a UF student who is taking courses at another institution. This would be the status of a student in a study abroad program or who is taking a course at home over the summer. Math majors can take some of their math requirements at another institution, however, as described in the previous paragraph, the mathematics core must be taken at UF.

Requirements of the Math Major

Mathematics Courses

Course Recommendations


  • Actuarial Science
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Graduate Study in Mathematics
  • Operations Research
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Teaching Mathematics

Double Majors



  • Graduating with Honors
  • University Scholars Program
  • Student organizations and chapters
  • Putnam Competition
  • NSF Research Experiences
  • Robert Long Prize
  • Kermit Sigmon Award
  • Journal of Undergraduate Research

Transfer Students

Transient Study

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