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Admission to the Mathematics Graduate Program

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How to Apply

We offer a PhD, a Master of Science degree, and a Master of Science or Arts in Teaching Mathematics degree, all allowing study in both pure and applied areas of Mathematics. This is a competitive program, with a minority of the applicants being offered admission to the department. Fulfillment of the criteria specified below is not in itself sufficient for admission. The applicants with the strongest academic records will be offered admission. Most of our successful applicants have a Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics or the equivalent and have taken year-long sequences in both abstract algebra and modern analysis.
Accepted students are typically offered departmental support, generally in the form of a Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship which comes with a stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance. Support for a doctoral students is customarily continued for four years as long as the student maintains good academic progress and fulfills their teaching responsibilities satisfactorily. For the past several years we have been able to fund an additional year. We expect to continue this policy as long as funds remain available.


The application deadline is January 3 for admission the following Fall (only applications for Fall semester are considered). A complete application consists of the following materials:

  1. Application form submitted through the Office of Admissions
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. Transcripts and (copies of) degree certificates of all post secondary work
  5. General Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test scores (While the GRE is no longer a requirement of the University, the Mathematics department does require it.)
  6. TOEFL Score Report (for international applicants from non-English speaking countries)

Non-U.S. citizens will also need their resident alien numbers.
The Statement of Purpose required in the application carries great weight in the admissions decision. In this statement you should detail your mathematical experience and potential areas of interest. The required letters of recommendation are also extremely important and we ask that at least two come from instructors who can speak to your work in rigorous proof-based mathematics.
The Graduate School requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and a grade point average (GPA) for the last 2 years of undergraduate studies of B (3.0/4.0) or higher for admission to the University of Florida. Exceptions to this requirement require recommendation by the department and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School.
The general GRE is required for all degree program. Successful applicants typically have GRE general scores of 310 and above. Please arrange to take these tests so that we can be assured of having your scores no later than January 3. The GRE and TOEFL scores should be sent directly from ETS to the Office of Admissions. The school code for GRE and TOEFL is 5812.
The application fee is

  • $30 by check with a cover memorandum attached to the check sent to
    UF Office of Admissions
    PO Box 114000 (201 Criser Hall)
    Gainesville, FL 32611-4000
  • $31.75 if paid online by credit card

International Applicants

The University of Florida requires that most foreign applicants must submit scores of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Test). The level of English competency required for admission is TOEFL scores of least 80 (iBT), 550 (paper) or 213 (computer) or their equivalents in the other two English language tests, as well as a verbal GRE score of at least 140. The TOEFL/IELTS/MELAB requirement is waived for foreign students who have successfully completed at least one year at a college or university in the United States.
Graduate applicants from these countries are not required to submit TOEFL scores:
Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, British Virgin Islands, Canada (except Quebec), Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Dominica, Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Swaziland, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe.
Note: Puerto Rican students must submit TOEFL scores.
Florida law requires that international Teaching Assistants (students from countries in which English is not an official language) must obtain at least a 23 on the speaking part of the iBT TOEFL (if the TOEFL is required for the applicant) and a 45 on the SPEAK test given by the Academic Spoken English program of the University of Florida. The SPEAK test is given regularly and can be taken after students arrive on campus (and will have to be completed even by students that do not have to submit TOEFL scores for admission). These tests are not required for students supported by fellowships or research assistantships.
International students should note that the University requires transcripts both in the original language and in English translation, so a person with a BS and an MS with non-English transcripts and certificates must send 8 documents.

Financial Support

Up-to-date detailed information about funding in the form of Graduate School Funding Awards (formerly Graduate School Fellowships) and Graduate (Teaching) Assistantships can be found in the Graduate School’s page about funding.

Graduate School Funding Awards and Grinter Fellowships

The department anticipates having a limited number of Graduate School Funding Awards available. GSFA recipients receive a competitive 11 month stipend. Since teaching is an important part of a graduate students training and integration into the department, some teaching – though considerably less than that of a graduate teaching assistant – is required of Graduate School Funding Awardees.
Some incoming students receive a supplemental Grinter Fellowship.
The graduate school offers additional funding opportunities for underrepresented minority students.(Information is at the funding page link above.)

Teaching Assistantships

The Department usually appoints about 15-18 new graduate teaching assistantships each year. About 65 graduate students currently hold teaching assistantships in the Department and several are supported as Graduate School Fellows.
The Mathematics Department teaching assistantships are normally a one-half time appointment. Reduced tuition and fee rates apply to one-half time Graduate Assistants enrolled in nine credit hours and the figure varies from year to year according to regulations established by the Florida State Legislature: Tuition and fees .
Typically, a one-half time teaching assistant has 13 to 14 hours of duties per week, including 3 to 4 contact hours with undergraduate students in classes, time for preparation, proctoring and grading associated with these classes, and serving in the CLAS Mathematics Teaching Center.
Academic requirements associated with a teaching assistantship are:

  • take a minimum of 9 credit hours each semester in courses approved by the Graduate Coordinator, and
  • maintain a grade point average of not less than 3.0 in order to continue your appointment.

The Graduate Committee reviews student progress each year. If it is satisfactory, students can expect renewal of the assistantship each year for up to five years.
Supplementary summer support is available to many of the graduate students enrolled during the preceding academic year.
One-half time graduate assistants are eligible to participate in the Gator Grad Care. Please be aware that enrollment in this insurance program is not automatic; you must enroll within 30 days of the start date of your employment to be covered. You may contact Gator Grad Care at 352-392-0003.
The University requires English speaking proficiency of all classroom teaching assistants. Thus, an international applicant’s chances of receiving support in the form of a graduate teaching assistantship are greatly increased by submitting a iBT speaking score of 23 or better.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How many students are admitted each year?
      Usually around 15, though incoming classes have ranged from about 15 to more than 20.
    2. What are the types of financial support available?
      Most of our graduate students receive full financial support (tuition waiver + stipend), most as a graduate teaching assistantship, some as an Graduate School Fellow, and a limited number of others through various scholarships.
    3. What are the minimum requirements for admission?
The minimum requirements for admission to the university are given in the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog .
  1. Is it true that GRE is no longer required?
    No, although some UF programs no longer require the GRE, the Mathematics graduate program still requires the GRE.
  2. How can I check if my application is complete?
    Please be sure you have followed the Instructions.
    You may also wish to visit the admissions office graduate page.
    Using your UFID number, it is possible to check the status of you application online at
    If you run into a problem, or have other questions, please email
  3. What is the deadline for application?
    The application deadline is January 3. Applications completed before the deadline will receive full consideration for admission and financial support. Applications completed after the deadline will only be considered if time allows.
    Generally it is best to have standardized tests (GRE and TOEFL, if necessary) taken by November since it may take ETS some time to send the official scores. Most of our applications are received in December. Overseas students should also take into account the time required to receive mailed documents, apply for a visa and make travel arrangements. In general, it is to your advantage to apply as soon as possible.
  4. I am an international applicant. Where do I send transcripts and degree certificates?
    International applicants must send official versions of all transcripts and degree certificates in both English and the original language directly to the Office of Admission.

    The official documents should be sent to:
    UF Office of Admission
    PO Box 114000
    201 Criser Hall
    Gainesville FL 32611-4000, USA
  5. I am a domestic applicant. Where do I send transcripts?
    Domestic applicants must send official copies of all transcripts directly to the office of admission.
    Send transcripts to:
    UF Office of Admission
    PO Box 114000
    201 Criser Hall
    Gainesville FL 32611-4000, USA
  6. Should I take the GRE Subject Test in Mathematics?
    It is recommended for PhD applicants.
  7. Where do I send my GRE and TOEFL scores and what is the code for the University of Florida?
    Have the scores sent to the office of admissions at the address in the previous question.
    The University of Florida’s school code for submission of GRE and TOEFL scores is 5812

    Do you accept the computer-based GRE/TOEFL tests?
    Yes. International students are strongly encouraged to take the iBT since chances of receiving financial support are much greater with an iBT speaking score of 23 or better. If you take the TOEFL, please indicate it in the application forms.

  8. Do you accept the IELTS or MELAB instead of TOEFL?
    Yes. An IELTS score of 6.0 overall or a MELAB score of 77 are alternatives to a Toefl score of 550 or Toefl ibt score of 80 as general English language requirements for admission to UF.
    However, at this time, neither IELTS nor MELAB can be used in place of the Toefl ibt Speaking score of at least 23 or a SPEAK test score of at least 45 which is required to qualify as a Teaching Assistant. Therefore, students submitting IELTS scores would have to submit an additional Toefl ibt Speaking or SPEAK score to qualify for a Teaching Assistantship.
  9. Where do I send the fee? What form of payment is acceptable?
    This information is available at the admissions office page Application Checklist
    Please do not send the fee to the Mathematics Department.
  10. Should I send in the Certificate of Financial Responsibility at the same time as my application? What figures should I use?
    International applicants who are admitted will be contacted by the UF International Office with instructions concerning the Certificate of Financial Responsibility. You should not submit any forms related to the CFR when first applying.
  11. Can I apply for January admission?
  12. When can I expect a decision on my application?
    If you qualify for admission and are eligible for a teaching assistantship, you will hear from us as soon as the committee has decided to admit you. We begin reviewing files in January, so the first notifications could be as early mid-January with more following in February and March. If we are waiting for the result of a test, there will naturally be a delay before we can decide on your application. If you are ineligible for a teaching assistantship, e.g you are an international student who does not have an iBT speaking score of 23 or better, then you may have to wait for the fellowships to be decided. There are very few fellowships and only when the top candidates decline can the next ones be offered, so we may not have news for some applicants until as late as April or May. If you feel the committee should have reached a decision but have not heard from us, please contact us, preferably by email to
  13. I am from a country where English is an official language. Am I required to submit a score from the speaking portion of the iBT (iBT speaking test) in order to be eligible for a teaching assistantship?
    Even in situations where the University does not require a TOEFL score, all international students must demonstrate English speaking proficiency by scoring 45 or better on the University administered Speak Test or a score of 23 or better on the speaking portion of the iBT.
    In particular, international applicants who have spent one year at a US institution may be exempt from the TOEFL exam, but are still required to have a qualifying score on either the Speak Test or speaking iBT. If you are uncertain, you should contact the admissions committee, preferably by email to
  14. I have not taken the iBT speaking test. Am I eligible for financial support?
    Most of our graduate students are supported through teaching assistantships.
    Florida law and UF Graduate Council policy require international teaching assistants (ITAs) to demonstrate oral proficiency before being appointed to teach. A score of 55 on the University administered SPEAK Test (similar to the old TSE) or 28 or better on the speaking iBT permits unrestricted teaching. With a score of 45-50 on the SPEAK test or 23-27 on the speaking iBT, the ITA may teach if concurrently enrolled in EAP 5836.
    See the office of academic spoken English’s page on Oral Proficiency Testing At UF for more information.
    Each year, there is a possibility that we will offer a very small number (3 in 2007) of full Graduate School Fellowships, which are awarded to the strongest applicants regardless of English speaking proficiency. Not surprisingly, the competition for these is intense. If you do not have 23 or better on the iBT speaking test, the Graduate School Fellowship is your only chance of admission with support.
  15. I have a very high score in TOEFL and/or TWE and top grades in all of my English classes. Moreover, I have asked several native English speakers to attest to my ability in English. Do I still need to take iBT?
    These are certainly strong points in an application. However, for the purpose of obtaining a teaching assistantship, no combination of the above can be used as a substitute for evidence of English speaking proficiency in place of the impartial and standardized speaking iBT.
  16. Is health care insurance available?
    Yes. For eligibility, coverage, and cost details visit
  17. What is the minimum General GRE score is to enter the University of Florida Mathematics department?
    The university no longer has a minimum requirement on the GRE. Most successful applicants to the mathematics department have scores (sum of verbal plus quantitative) far exceeding 1000 in the old scoring system (approximately 300 in the new style).
  18. What is an acceptable score on the TOEFL?
    The university requires: an 80 or better on the internet based TOEFL (iBT); a 550 on the paper-based; or 213 on the computer-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).