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Incomplete Grades

The Department of Mathematics adheres to the policy of the University with regard to the assignment of a grade of incomplete (I). Moreover, the Department has developed some procedures to help implement this policy. Accordingly, a grade of I may be given as an interim grade if and only if each of the following five conditions is satisfied.

  1. The student has completed a major portion of the course with a passing grade, but is unable to complete all of the course requirements because of extenuating circumstances.
  2. The instructor agrees to assign a grade of I. (In the case of those courses which have coordinators, the coordinator must agree.)
  3. The student and the instructor (or coordinator, if applicable) agree on the work needed to complete the course requirements and when the work will be completed. University Incomplete Policy requires that the work be completed by the end of the following semester.
  4. The instructor (or coordinator, if applicable) fills out a Department of Mathematics Contract Form for I Grade (available from the Graduate Secretary in Little 336); both the instructor and the student sign this form.
  5. The Associate Chair/Chair consents and signs the Contract Form before final grades for the course are due at the end of the term.

After the student completes the course requirements, the instructor (or coordinator, if applicable) should fill out a Change of Grade Form and submit it to the Graduate Secretary. She will sign the form and forward it to the College if and only if the required Contract Form has been completed.
Please check the undergraduate catalog of the student’s entering year to learn how Incomplete Grades are used in computing a grade point average.