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Using the UF On-Line Voting System

Instructions for voting

  1. Go to UF online voting system
  2. Click login
  3. Login with your Gatorlink id
  4. Once in the voting system, click the “Current Ballots” tab (it may be up to start)
  5. Click on the  election in which you want to vote
  6. Vote by clicking a box to the right and then click “CAST YOUR BALLOT”
  7. Confirm that your vote is final by clicking the dialog box that comes up
  8. All done

Some general points on the UF On-Line Voting System:

  • You can vote from any computer anywhere on the internet.
  • The system records your vote, but to maintain the privacy of the voting, it doesn’t give us a record of who has voted. So, we will have to send reminders to all faculty. Apologies if you receive a reminder and have already voted.
  • The system will not accept your vote after the closing date and time, so if you are late, your vote won’t be recorded.
  • Detailed information is available at the UF voting help page