UF Car Rental

Beginning September 30, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental will provide vehicle rental services to Florida’s government employees. Customers will receive services from both brands at the same contract rates and terms.


To make a reservation, call the State of FL Reservations & Customer Service at 1-877-690-0064 and reference Account Number 43A3255 (the state contract number is XZ55500 but please use the UF account number). Or, visit  https://partner.rentalcar.com/StateofFlorida/#/business/others/college_university/floridaunibusiness/ to begin your reservation.

When renting a car for UF business, you will be asked 2 questions. Check yes for “Are you travelling on behalf of UF?” For the Payment Details question, if you check yes, you will need to supply an established UF Billing Number. Checking no means you will be paying via a credit card and need to present a UFID, a credit card, and a valid driver’s license.


Emerald Club portal

All UF travelers who make reservations for vehicle rentals should establish an Emerald Club account. The Emerald Club program can be used by Enterprise to track rental spend for the University. It will also make setting up reservations and picking up/dropping off vehicles much less of a burden. Visit the following site to enroll in the Enterprise Emerald Club program: https://www.nationalcar.com/en_US/car-rental/loyalty/corporate-Enrollment.html/keyWord=XZ55500.html?locale=en_US


Please see Price Sheet-Enterprise Rental Contract


If you have questions about the new contract with Enterprise or the Emerald Club program, please contact Brett Wallen (bwallen@ufl.edu or Randy Staples (rstaple@ufl.edu) or visit http://www.fa.ufl.edu/departments/university-disbursement-services/travel/