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AMS Sectional Meeting

The American Mathematical Society‘s Fall 2019 Southeastern Section meeting, November 2-3, 2019, will take place at the University of Florida. There will be 25 Special Sessions and invited addresses given by Jonathan Mattingly (Duke), Isabella Novik (Washington), and Eduardo Teixeira (UCF). On Saturday evening 6:15-7:30 there will be a reception on the Ground Floor of Little Hall.

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

The UF Department of Mathematics in conjunction with the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival hosted a day of mathematical fun on September 14, 2019 at the Harn Museum of Art. A Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival provides exciting and engaging activities that inspire K–12 students to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through collaborative, creative problem-solving. An estimated 500 people attended and we thank all the faculty, grad students, and undergrad majors who facilitated more than 20 activities and made the event such a big success

New Faculty

It is a pleasure for the Mathematics Department at the University of Florida to welcome new members of our department who will join us in Fall, 2019. They were hired as part of the University of Florida’s Faculty 500 initiative. Our new Assistant Professors are Zachary Hamaker (Combinatorics), Tracy Stepien (Mathematical Biology), and Jesse Thorner (Number Theory). Our new Lecturers are Stephen Adams,  Patrick Carmichael, Carol Demas, and Caelan Wang. The new Visiting Assistant Professors are Jason Nowell (Analysis),  Matthew Wheeler (Geometry/Topology),  and  Mengying Xiao (Numerical Analysis).   Ashleigh Thomas (Topological Data Analysis) is a new PostDoc.