New Faculty

It is a pleasure for the Mathematics Department at the University of Florida to welcome new members of our department who will join us in Fall, 2019. They were hired as part of the University of Florida’s Faculty 500 initiative. Our new Assistant Professors are Zachary Hamaker (Combinatorics), Tracy Stepien (Mathematical Biology), and Jesse Thorner (Number Theory). Our new Lecturers are Stephen Adams,  Patrick Carmichael, Carol Demas, and Caelan Wang. The new Visiting Assistant Professors are Jason Nowell (Analysis),  Matthew Wheeler (Geometry/Topology),  and  Mengying Xiao (Numerical Analysis).   Ashleigh Thomas (Topological Data Analysis) is a new PostDoc.

Annual Dongxing Wong Lecture

Robert Ghrist of the University of Pennsylvania will present the Dongxing Wong Mathematics Education Lecture entitled “A Vision of Multivariable Calculus” on Monday, March 18 at 4:05 in Little 101. Tea is at 3:30 in the Atrium.

Annual Ramanujan Colloquium

The 12th Ramanujan Colloquium entitled “From Ramanujan graphs to Ramanujan complexes” will be given by Alex Lubotzky of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem on March 11 at 4:05 in Little Hall 101. Tea is at 3:30 in the Atrium.