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Undergraduate Advising

For questions regarding math courses, or majors or minors offered through the math department, the advisors below will be glad to help during the hours indicated. Many common questions about mathematics courses are addressed in the Course Advising pages.

Math majors should consult the Mathematics Major pages for answers to many of their questions.

For questions concerning General Education, Gordon Rule, foreign language requirements, CLAS Distribution requirements, or any other academic requirements not specific to math majors or minors, please consult CLAS advisors at the Academic Advising Center.


Spring 2020 Advising

Effective 3/16/2020 advising for the mathematics will be held remotely through email until further notice.

Please consult the Frequent Asked Questions and Answers section below before contacting me. If you are not able to solve your problem using that section, you may email using your email address, and include your UF ID along with a brief description of your issue or question. I will do my best to reply to your message within two business days (48 hours) whenever possible, but may have longer response times during advance registration due to the large volume of messages received.

Frequent Advising Issues and Solutions

Q:  I have a hold on my account.  Can you clear it?

A:  No, I cannot clear holds of any kind.  If it is an academic hold, you will need to speak with a CLAS advisor.  You should visit and follow the directions for Current University of Florida Students.  If it is another kind of hold, you should contact the specific department listed in the description of the hold and ask for their assistance.

Q:  I have questions about gen eds, foreign language, excess hours, AP/IB credit, etc.  Where do I go?

A:  These questions need to go through CLAS advising.  You should visit and follow the directions for Current University of Florida Students.

Q:  I have a petition/add major/change of major/study abroad/other form to be signed.  What do I do?

A: Please send an email from your email to and attach the completed form, personal statement and graduation plan (for a petition or major change), and describe any information important for me to know about the petition/form in your email.  Please remember to include your UF ID and phone number in case I need clarifications. I will sign electronically and return the form to you via email.

Q:  I don’t know what courses to take for summer/fall/ the next few semesters.  Can you help me figure it out? 

A: As much as I would like to have full advising sessions with each one of you, I will only be able to help with immediate registration issues for Summer/Fall 2020 right now. Planning beyond Fall 2020 will need to wait until mid-April.  To get started, please consult the math advising pages for course recommendations/requirements, etc. You should also refer to your degree audit in ONE.UF-to see which courses you have remaining for graduation-and review the sample model semester plan for your track: Mathematics BA or  Mathematics BS for what courses you need to take next.   You can click on the links for any courses in that list to see descriptions and prerequisites. Then go to the online schedule of courses (see and start making your schedule.  If you’ve checked all of these pages and still don’t know what to do, send me an email and I will try to help.

Q:  I cannot find the list of approved electives for the mathematics BA/BS.

A: Click on the sample model semester plan for your track: Mathematics BA or  Mathematics BS,  then scroll down for the list of approved electives for both degrees.

Q: I would like to add a math minor and I have questions about the process/requirements/selection of courses, etc.

 A: You can find information about the math minor here: . To add/cancel a math minor, complete the application and see a  CLAS advisor.  You should visit and follow the directions for Current University of Florida Students.

Q: Can I leave a voicemail on the phone?

A: Please use email as it is will be faster and easier for me to respond. Moreover, I will be working remotely during this period and I will not be able to check my office voicemail often.