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We welcome you to The Math Grad Guide and invite you to learn about our program and our ways of interacting that make this department a wonderful place to explore mathematics.
The Math Grad Guide is a friendly and informal introduction to our programs, course work, exams, people, policies, funding and departmental community. Created with input from faculty and fellow graduate students, it is a resource for success at UF.
Our department has about 80 graduate students, most of them in the PhD program. The majority are funded with graduate teaching assistantships, while others are funded through fellowships and as research assistants.
Our faculty and graduate students are engaged in research in algebra, number theory, analysis, algebraic and differential geometry, topology, logic and set theory, differential equations, dynamical systems, probability theory, numerical analysis, numerical optimization, combinatorial analysis, graph theory, computer applications, biomathematics, imaging and mathematical physics.
Our applied faculty interact with counterparts in the Departments of Biology, Statistics, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Medicine and Physics.
The department houses the Center for Applied Mathematics, which sponsors programs for students and faculty interested in applied mathematics. It participates in interdisciplinary programs offered by the Center for Applied Optimization; the Emerging Pathogens Institute; the NSF sponsored IGERT on Quantitative spatial ecology, evolution, and the environment; and the Institute for Fundamental Theory, which sponsors programs on the cutting edge of theoretical and mathematical physics.
Throughout the year, there are a number of department-wide activities hosted by the department, the Graduate Mathematics Association (GMA), and the SIAM Gators
The department hosts a holiday party at the end of each fall semester and a spring gala at the end of each spring semester. Additionally, GMA hosts a fall tailgate in front of Little Hall on the Saturday of a football game and a spring picnic at the beautiful Lake Wauburg. The SIAM Gators hold a potluck social each semester.
The menu to the left in the section titled “Grad Guide” has links to the chapters of this guide. We invite you to visit and revisit the guide as you move through our program.
Peter Sin,
graduate coordinator
(Credit for creation of these pages is due to Jean Larson, our former graduate coordinator.)