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The University of Florida provides a variety of resources for students and faculty for activities carried out for the University. They may not be used for personal purposes or for private gain. In particular, Departmental printers, scanners, computers and supplies are for the research and instructional needs of graduate students and faculty in the Department. Personal use of departmental equipment or supplies could result in removal or denial of these privileges. 

Bookstore Overview
Bookstore Technology Hub
Campus I.D. (Gator 1 Card)
Florida Residency: Introduction
Florida Residency: Reclassification
Graduate School
Graduate School Personnel
Graduate Student Council
Graduate Student Handbook (Graduate School)
Housing and Residence Education
Parking and Transportation
Registrar’s Office
Student Financial Aid Office
Student Health Services


Arts & Crafts Center
Career Resource Center
Counseling and Wellness Center
Disability Resource Center
Graduate and family housing
International Center
Student Self-Service Functions
LGBT Affairs
Multicultural Affairs
Student Safety Tips
Sexual Harassment Policy
Student Legal Services
Teaching Center
Women in Science and Engineering