Biomathematics and Modeling Package

Mathematics Core:

(choose 2 semesters)

  • MAP 6327 Applied Differential Equations
  • MAP 6472-3 Probability and Potential Theory
  • MAD 6406-7 Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis

Mathematics Electives:

(choose 2 semesters)

  • MAP 6356-7 Partial Differential Equations
  • MAP 6467-8 Stochastic Differential Equations
  • MAP 6487-8 Seminar in Biomathematics
  • Other courses from the math core

Statistics Electives:

(choose 2 semesters)

  • STA 6207-8 Applied Statistical Methods/Regression Analysis
  • STA 6326-7 Introduction to Theoretical Statistics
  • STA 6177 Survival Analysis and Clinical Trials
  • PHC 6051C Biostatistical Methods 1 (focus on infectious disease)
  • PHC 6052 Introduction to Biostatistical  Methods

The above classes are offered by the Department of Statistics, Department of Biostatistics.  See the Biostatistics Course Page for more information on alternate course numbering and which department is offer which courses.