MS (exam option) prior to May 18, 2012


The total number of required hours is 32. Of these, at least 18 must be 6000 level or above in mathematics. No hours of individual work in the form of MAT 6905, MAT 6910, or MAE 6940 will count toward the total of 18 hours. MAS 5311-2 Algebra and MAA 5228-9 Analysis are the only required course sequences. (Please consult the Course Guide section for course abbreviations.)


A final written examination, called the first year exam, consists of two parts based on the materials in MAS 5311-2 and MAA 5228-9, respectively. It is given during the first two weeks of each semester, in May, August and January.
After completing the MAS 5311-2 or MAA 5228-9 sequence, students may take the corresponding exam up to three times, if necessary, out of the four times the exam is given, one year following the completion of the corresponding course sequence.
Students are strongly advised to take both course sequences MAA 5228-9 and MAS 5311-2 in their first year of graduate study and to take the two first-year exams at the end of this year.
Teaching Requirement: One semester of college level teaching is required.
Language: There is no language requirement.