Mathematics Department Committees 2016-17

ChairDouglas Cenzer
Associate Chair and Undergraduate Coordinator: Kevin Knudson
Associate Chair and Graduate Coordinator: Peter Sin

    • Steering Committee
      Bubenik, Dranishnikov, Huang, Shabanov, Vatter, Williamson,  Zapletal (Speaker)
    • Colloquium, Conferences, Visitors, and Travel Committee
      Boyland (Chair), Alladi, Bubenik, Bona, Jury, Keesling, Ngonghala, Vince, Zapletal
    • Group Proposals Committee
      Hager (Chair), Berkovich, Rudyak
    • Honors Program
      Knudson(Chair), Groisser, Keating, King, Shabanov
    • Hiring Plan Committee
      Berkovich (Chair), Brooks, Bubenik, Dranishnikov,  Hager, Vatter,  Zapletal
    • Little Hall Renovation                                                                             Knudson (Chair), Chui, Pilyugin, J. Smith
    • Chair’s Advisory Committee
      Alladi, Boyland, Dranishnikov, Keesling, McCullough, Tornwall, Turull
    • Tenure and Promotion Committee
      McCullough (Chair), Alladi, Berkovich, Brooks, Dranishnikov, Keesling, Turull, Vince
    • Little by Little Newsletter Committee
      Cenzer (Chair)
    • Computer Committee
      Garvan (Chair), Boyland, Hager, Keating, R. Smith
    • Teaching Methods Committee
      J. Smith (Chair), Christodoulopoulou, Huang, Keeran, Shabanov, Williamson
    • Library Committee
      Cenzer (Chair), Bona, Chen, Rao
    • Online Course Development
      Kevin Knudson (Chair), Chui, Huang, Keeran, J. Smith, Tornwall, Williamson,  Somers (staff liaison)
    • Commencement Marshals
      Tim Olson (Chair), Block, Keeran, Robinson


  • Graduate Committee
    Sin (Chair), Garvan, Jury, Keesling, Larson, McCullough, Pilyugin, Turull, Vatter,  (Graduate Student)
  • Graduate Selection Committee
    Vatter (Chair), Alladi, Bona, Chen, Garvan, Rudyak,  Zapletal, Zhang, (Graduate Student)
  • Lecturer Search Committee
    Knudson (Chair), Christodoulopoulou, Huang, Keeran
  • Undergraduate Committee Lower Division
    Knudson (Chair), Christodoulopoulou, Chui, Harrington, Huang, Keeran,, J. Smith, R. Smith, Tornwall, Williamson
  • Undergraduate Committee Upper Division
    Knudson (Chair), Block, Garvan, Groisser, Keeran, Robinson
  • Undergraduate Advisors
    Chen, Christodoulopoulou, Chui, Groisser, Huang, Knudson, J. Smith, Tornwall, Williamson, R. Smith, Shen
  • Math Club Advisors
    Shabanov (Chair)
  • Putnam Advisors
    Keating (Chair), King
  • Robert Long Prize Committee
     King (Chair), Block


  • Mentoring
  • Christodoulopoulou:  Jane Smith, Tornwall
  • Keeran: J. Smith, Tornwall
  • Williamson: Shen, Tornwall
  • Ngonghala: Keesling, Pilyugin
  • TA Training Tornwall (Chair), Christodoulopoulou, Chui, Huang, Keeran, J. Smith
  • Liaison with the Institute for Fundamental Theory Shabanov
  • Center for Applied Mathematics Boyland, Pilyugin (Co-Directors)
  • Center for Applied Optimization Hager (Mathematics), Pardalos (ISE) (Co-directors)
  • SIAM Gators Advisor Hager
  • GMA Advisors: Boyland, Cenzer


  • Coordinators
  • MAC 1140: Amarasinghe
  • MAC 1147: Tornwall
  • MGF 1106: Crittenden
  • MAC 1105: Eichler
  • MAC 2311 – Huang/Christodoulopoulou
  • MAC 2312: Chui
  • MAC 2313: Keeran
  • Language Examinations
  • French: Crew, King
  • German: Rudyak
  • Russian: Berkovich, Rudyak


  • First-Year Examination Committees
    • Algebra: Crew Chair), Keating, Turull
    • Analysis: Robinson (Chair), Jury, McCullough, Zhang
    • Topology: Dranishnikov (Chair), Block, Bubenik, Keesling
  • PhD Examination Committees
    • Algebra: Turull(Chair), Crew, Keating
    • Measure and Integration: McCullough (Chair), Jury
    • Combinatorics: Vince (Chair), Bona, Vatter
    • Complex Analysis: McCullough (Chair), Robinson, Shen
    • Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems: Boyland (Chair), Block
    • Differential Geometry: Robinson (Chair), Groisser
    • Functional Analysis: Jury (Chair), McCullough, Robinson
    • Logic: Zapletal (Chair), Cenzer, Larson
    • Numerical Analysis: Martcheva (Co-Chair),  Boyland (Co-Chair), Hager
    • PDE: Chen (Chair), Zhang
    • Probability:  Rao
    • Topology: Knudson (Chair), Dranishnikov, Bubenik, Rudyak