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Submitting Grants in the Math Dept.

On  April 1, 2019 the department began to use the CLAS Research Office (CRO)  for all grants.  Margaret still handles the account management of your awarded grants , including travel and payroll. The following is now handled by CRO:

  • New proposal submissions,
  • New awards/ agreement,
  • Progress and final reports,
  • CAS exemptions,
  • Financial modifications.

Here is a power point presentation by CRO for your information (CRO_presentation)

The first step in submitting a grant is to email CRO at and bcc the director Beth Eslick When you first contact them you will be assigned a research administrator. DO NOT ENTER anything in UFIRST yourself: they will handle this.  If you receive something from your funding agency please forward this to CRO so they  are kept informed and can act in a timely manner.

 If during the process there are any issues or questions, CLAS research office will reach out to Margaret . She and the research office  work very closely together. If you have any questions  let Dr. Knudson or Margaret know.