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Requesting Classrooms

There has been  a change in the system we use to request rooms . If you need to request a classroom (other than Little 305, 368, and 423 which are booked through the front desk) for a regular exam, make-up exam, quiz, study session or anything else class related, please email the following information to Margaret at ( ALL of the following must be sent or I can’t submit your request.

  1. Name of the Course : MAC2311 example, not just CALC Section(s) of the Course:
  2. Number of Students
  3. Date(s) Needed
  4. Time(s) Needed: Please keep in mind it needs to be class periods. If you are requesting a classroom for an exam, it must be given during the evening exam period time which is E1-E3.
  5. Room Preference : ( you MUST now give me room(s) )
  6. Reason for room request

Processing time can take up to 7-10 BUSINESS days so please submit as soon as possible. Once the request is processed you will receive an email request summary from the registrar office please note the email is a confirmation that request was submitted, you will receive another one once the request is confirmed, if you do not receive this email 48 hours before the day of your request please email me so I can follow up on the request. Please DO NOT assume from the  first email that your room is booked. If you reserve a room for a weekend, the Monday before that event, you must confirm that you will be using the room or rooms. Please call 392-1374 and ask for Room Scheduling. If you do not call to confirm room use, they will cancel your reservation and the rooms will not be opened for your use. If you have any questions on this process please see me.

Thanks, Margaret