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Faculty Committees 2015-2016

Steering CommitteeChui, Dranishnikov, McCullough, Vatter, Vince(Speaker), Zapletal, Zhang
Colloquium, Conferences, Visitors, and Travel CommitteeBoyland (Chair), Alladi, Bubenik, Bona, Jury, Keesling, Vince, Zapletal, Zhang
Group Proposals CommitteeMartcheva(Chair), Berkovich, Hager
Honors ProgramKnudson(Chair), Groisser, Keating, King, Shabanov
Hiring Plan CommitteeBerkovich (Chair), Bona, Brooks, Dranishnikov, Hager, Martcheva, Zapletal
Chair’s Advisory CommitteeAlladi, Boyland, Dranishnikov, Keesling, McCullough, Tornwall, Turull
Tenure and Promotion Committee
McCullough (Chair), Alladi, Berkovich, Brooks, Dranishnikov, Keesling, Martcheva, Vince
Little by Little Newsletter Committee
Cenzer (Chair)
Computer Committee
Garvan (Chair), Boyland, Hager, Keating, R. Smith
Teaching Methods Committee
J. Smith (Chair), Christodoulopoulou, Chui, Huang, Shabanov, Williamson
Library Committee
Cenzer (Chair), Bona, Chen, Rudyak
Online Course Development
Kevin Knudson (Chair), Chui, Huang, Sin, J. Smith, Tornwall, Somers (staff liaison)
Commencement Marshals
Tim Olson (Chair), Block, Keeran, Robinson
Graduate Committee
Jean Larson (Chair), Garvan, Jury, Keesling, McCullough, Pilyugin, Turull, Vatter, (Graduate Student)
Graduate Selection Committee
Vatter (Chair), Berkovich, Chen, Garvan, Martcheva, Rudyak, Zapletal, Zhang, Milliken (Graduate Student)
Undergraduate Committee Lower Division
Knudson (Chair), Christodoulopoulou, Chui, Huang, Keeran, McCracken, J. Smith, R. Smith, Tornwall, Williamson
Undergraduate Committee Upper Division
Knudson (Chair), Block, Garvan, Groisser, Keeran, Robinson
Undergraduate Advisors
Chen, Chui, Groisser, Huang, Knudson, McCracken, J. Smith, Tornwall, Williamson, R. Smith, Shen
Math Club Advisors
Shabanov (Chair), King
Putnam Advisors
Keating (Chair), King
Robert Long Prize Committee
King (Chair), Block, Porter
Little Hall Renovation Knudson,Pilyugin, J. Smith
ChristodoulopoulouJane Smith, Tornwall
KeeranJ. Smith, Tornwall
WilliamsonShen, Tornwall