MS-MA Teaching Mathematics prior to May 18, 2012

This degree is Master of Science in Teaching provided the minor (see 2 below) is in science, and is Master of Arts in Teachingotherwise.
Course Requirements
At least 36 semester hours of work must be completed. Usually at least 39 hours are necessary for the MAT degree and at least 45 hours are necessary for the MST degree. This must be distributed as indicated below.
(Please consult the Course Guide for course abbreviations.)

  1. 24 hours in mathematics courses numbered 5000 or above. This must include the sequences MAS 5311-2 and MAA 5228-9.
  2. 6 hours in a suitable minor, at the 3000 level or above. (If education is selected as a minor, the courses must be numbered 6000 or above.)
  3. 6 credit hours in a mathematics department teaching internship (MAE 6943). This requirement is waived for those with three years’ teaching experience.
  4. At least one course must be taken from each of the following three areas: psychological foundations, social foundations of education, and Community College curriculum. A list of acceptable courses may be obtained from the department graduate coordinator.

Teaching Requirement: One semester college teaching is required.
Final Examination: Near the conclusion of the program, a final comprehensive oral examination will be conducted by the student’s supervisory committee. Passing the first year examination (see MS-MA requirements above) constitutes an acceptable substitute for this oral examination.