Master’s in Applied Mathematics prior to May 1, 2013

Prerequisite: A scientific programming language (C recommended).

Courses: The total number of required hours is 33. No thesis is required for this option. The student is required to take two full-year sequences, MAS 5311-2 Algebra (6 credits) and MAA 5228-9 Analysis (6 credits) and complete one of the packages described below or design a custom package for prior approval by the Graduate Committee. (Please consult the Course Guide section for course abbreviations.)


  1. Numerical Methods, Statistics and Computer Science
  2. Probability and Statistics
  3. Combinatorics and Optimization
  4. Applied Differential Equations

Other packages may be designed by the student. For instance, an Imaging package would include CAP 6418 (Image Algebra), together with an MAP 7436-7 (Applied Math Seminar) focused on medical imaging or with MAP 6417-8 (Fourier Series).

A Modeling package could build on MAP 6487-8 (Biomathematics Seminar). Other packages might include courses from business, finance, economics, ecology, manufacturing, electrical and computer engineering or statistics.


Students must obtain at least a Masters Pass on written exams in two of the following three areas, Analysis, Algebra, Numerical Analysis. The Analysis exam is based on the courses MAA5228-9, Algebra is based on MAS5311-2, and Numerical Analysis is based on MAD6406-7.

These exams are offered 3 times each calendar year, in January, May, and August. Students may take each exam a maximum of three times out of the four times the exam is given, one year following the completion of the corresponding course sequence.

Teaching: One semester of college teaching is required.

Language: None