Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships


The department anticipates having a limited number of Alumni Fellowships available. Alumni Fellows receive a competitive 11 month stipend. Since teaching is an important part of a graduate students training and integration into the department, some teaching – though considerably less than that of a graduate teaching assistant – is required of Alumni Fellows.

Some incoming students receive a supplemental Graduate School Fellowship Grinter Fellowship.

The graduate school offers additional funding opportunities for underrepresented minority students.

Teaching Assistantships

The Department expects to award 15-18 graduate teaching assistantships to the 2013-14 entering class. About 65 graduate students currently hold teaching assistantships in the Department and several are supported as Alumni Fellows.

The Mathematics Department teaching assistantships are normally a one-third time appointment. Reduced tuition and fee rates apply to one-third time Graduate Assistants enrolled in nine credit hours and the figure varies from year to year according to regulations established by the Florida State Legislature: Tuition and fees .

Typically, a one-third time teaching assistant has 12 to 13 hours of duties per week, including 3 to 4 contact hours with undergraduate students in classes and time for preparation, proctoring and grading associated with these classes.

Academic requirements associated with a teaching assistantship are:

  1. take a minimum of 9 credit hours each semester in courses approved by the Graduate Coordinator, and
  2. maintain a grade point average of not less than 3.0 in order to continue your appointment.

The Graduate Committee reviews student progress each year. If it is satisfactory, students can expect renewal of the assistantship each year for up to five years.

Supplementary summer support is available to many of the graduate students enrolled during the preceding academic year.

One-third time graduate assistants are eligible to participate in the Gator Grad Care Program. Please be aware that enrollment in this insurance program is not automatic; you must enroll within 30 days of the start date of your employment to be covered. You may contact Gator Grad Care at 352-392-0003.

The University requires English speaking proficiency of all classroom teaching assistants. Thus, an international applicants chances of receiving support in the form of a graduate teaching assistantship are greatly increased by submitting a iBT speaking score of 23 or better.